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Youth Training

My unique method of training children is fun and designed to build up a child’s confidence and self esteem. What I aim for is for them to respect themselves and others, and not to be lead astray. The classes are great for kids with a high energy level. The training improves health, confidence, and fat loss and is a great way of conditioning your body. It also increases flexibility, balance and co-ordination. The G Camp is a company providing self defence and reaching out to the youth of today. I am constantly striving to provide the best advice and training to school pupils to protect them from either being attacked or victims of bullying. All G Camp instructors have extensive experience in lecturing and training pupils in personal safety. We are all of a “mature” age, and our life experience is reflected in the well thought-through content and delivery of training we provide. We are approachable and friendly and take great pride in looking after our students. The training taught to young pupils has been designed not only to be informative, but also fun, so that those attending learn in a relaxed atmosphere. We have found that this helps children retain far more.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that violence is on the increase, and you only have to pick up your daily newspaper or switch on the television to verify this fact. Just recently on BBC 24 hour news it was stated that violent street crime has increased by 26%. If your child was to find him or herself face to face with a stalker/mugger/aggressor would they know how to deal with it? This is where the G Camp can help, by teaching your child simple methods of self-defence techniques which at the end of the day could save your child’s life one day.